Dear Editor,

It is usual for the church to evaluate the negative aspects of Globalization. But we must not forget that globalization has made valuable contributions to the church today. That aspect is well brought out by Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham in his ‘Just One Minute…” in revive Sept. issue. Globalization has caught much of the church by surprise, but it never caught God by surprise. Pastor Valson Abraham says that God knew it was coming, even 2,000 years ago, when He gave His Great Commission to His disciples. He knew about globalization long before anyone thought about it. As we face the challenges of globalization, let us learn from Jesus and His first disciples. From the beginning, Jesus knew that He was giving His original twelve disciples a task way too big for them to handle alone. They were simple men in a world too complex and big for them. They weren’t ready. They were unqualified for the job He assigned to them. We are in a similar situation today. And we are called to fulfill that Great Commission. We may be overwhelmed by circumstances and very often feel unqualified to take on the challenge of our assignments in our ‘global villages’. But as we pray, our Lord will enable us to meet every challenge with His grace and power.

Jacob Kurian, Muscat