Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the October issue of Revive (No.10 vol.7). I would say it is one of best issues as it talks about hermeneutics, that is my favorite subject. As you have mentioned earlier, it may not be appreciated by ordinary members of the church except those who are really into some serious study of the Bible. There is one question that I wanted to ask in this regard. Please let me know how you interpret it: It is an old question
asked by many but not answered satisfactorily. Think about it and let me have your interpretation. Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart? Would God arrange for a person to actually sin and rebel just to make Himself great? Are we to believe that God Himself arranged for Pharaoh to sin? Isn’t God compassionate toward all men – even sinners? And if so, how could He harden Pharaoh’s heart while simultaneously loving him and feeling compassion for him? How will you apply God’s motive to our present day life dealings?

A Well Wisher, Thiruvalla