Mrs. Annamma Abraham, wife of Pastor K. E. Abraham, who was the Founder of India Pentecostal Church, was born in 1906 in a traditional Christian Jacobite family at Omalloor near Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Her eldest brother accepted the Brethren faith when she was a little child and thus was exposed to the truth of the Gospel at a very early age. Having understood the need to have a personal relationship with her Creator she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior when she was 14 years old.
Having successfully completed her school education, she began a teaching career. It was during this time that marriage was proposed for her with young K. E. Abraham, who was teacher besides being a popular evangelist in those days.
K. E. Abraham had a strong call for full-time ministry and he had decided and was committed to resign from his teaching job any time. It was with this in mind that he asked Annamma even before their marriage whether she would stand by him if he resigned his job which was the only means of their livelihood. He fully made her aware of the possibility of a life of suffering and starvation while serving the Lord when they had no means of income. After a meaningful silence for few seconds, Annamma expressed her whole-hearted willingness to agree with any decision K. E. Abraham would take in life, to obey the call of God. Following this their marriage took place on 30th January 1922.
Annamma continued with her teaching profession for over one year after marriage and then she resigned her job. In 1929 K. E. Abraham also resigned his job and in 1930 K. E. Abraham and Annamma came to live in Kumbanad. Till her death in 1980, she had been very faithfully serving the Lord, bearing many hardships, sufferings, oppositions, starvation and so on.
Hebron Bible School was started in the year 1930, Pastor K. E. Abraham prayed for 1000 evangelists in those early days. Annamma was a strong prayer warrior and she supported Pastor Abraham and his co-workers in fasting and prayer in order to fulfill the great vision God had given them.
The dedicated life of Annamma, her life model, prayerful holy life, her hospitality, the burden for the perishing souls, her concern for the church were the factors which made the ministry of Pastor K. E. Abraham as great blessing to tens of thousands in India and abroad. As most of time Pastor K. E. Abraham was on missionary journeys, Annamma very efficiently looked after the household affairs as well as the Bible School and the matters related to church.
Many pastors and families, as well as believers visited Hebron daily. Annamma managed to serve food to the visitors even if she and her children went without food.
She visited many places in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in her early days and participated in the ministry. She walked scores of miles with other sisters, evangelists and pastors and made an entry into homes which would have otherwise been shut to the gospel.
She organized camps for ladies and also started a Ladies Bible School during mid-summer vacation days in order to encourage and equip women for ministry. She was always working behind the scenes, not expecting any publicity or fame.
After decades of selfless service and ministry, Mrs. Annamma Abraham went to rest with the Lord on 31st May 1980.