Mrs. Starla Luke Vice President (Admin).

“ Faith makes a Christian.
Life proves a Christian.
Trial confirms a Christian.
Death crowns a Christian
It was faith in Christ that made Pastor. T. C. Easow who he was – truly a man after God’s own heart. He proved it by his life and the stormy trials he went through only confirmed his faith in Christ. Today he is resting in Christ, awaiting his crown of glory!
Easowchayan, as he was fondly called, was a prayer warrior and an intercessor. He never missed any opportunity to assure us of his incessant prayers for us – as individuals, family and for the IBC family – a tremendous encouragement for all of us.
He had various needs – never did he demand or speak of them ever. He loved people genuinely and cared for them and their families. When he enquired about your family, it was not for the sake of conversation, but out of sincere interest.
He first started teaching at Hebron Bible College in 1971, at the invitation of my grandfather, Late Pastor K. E. Abraham and taught until 1993. Then in 1994 continued teaching at India Bible College & Seminary until about six months ago.
He has been a dear friend and co-worker of my father, Pastor T. S. Abraham, who is 91. Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham who worked alongside Pastor Easow, drew much strength from his assurances of prayer for the family and ministry.
His life and ministry at IBC was valuable and regarded very highly. 45 years ago, Pastor T. C. Easow stepped into this campus as a Bible teacher and remained consistent all these years. At 7: 40 a.m. – three days a week, he would be spotted in the corridors of the Bible College. After breakfast he would be in class by 8:00 a.m. He was very particular that every student of his should be deeply rooted in the Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible and safe guard them well. His teaching the Word and sharing his rich life experiences will continue to inspire and encourage students, teachers and staff alike.
It takes a strong person to be truly gentle. Pastor T. C. Easow’s gentleness and genuineness was evident for all to see and know. He knew the Bible very well, was strong in the Word – yet never displayed it with pride or arrogance. His spirit of personal evangelism was contagious and many young men and women have been drawn into the Kingdom of Heaven because of his persistent evangelism. He wrote many gospel tracts, conducted open air meetings and loved to hold mini conventions – all to proclaim the Word effectively so that people would hear and respond.
A great encourager and motivator – Easowchayan appreciated what was genuinely good. He was generous in love. And did not withhold appreciation where it was due. Man or woman, old or young – all were treated with respect and dignity. He neither talked ill about anyone nor did ill health mask his cheerful disposition. He never burdened anyone with his woes. Our students enjoyed his presence and hence Easowchayan came to IBC depite physical encumbrances.
The uniqueness of India Bible College & Seminary has been the rich heritage of teachers – stalwarts in Word and life. IBC has a legacy where the elderly and seasoned ministers of the gospel are regarded and honored. I recall, with immense gratitude to God, the lives of those who have gone before us – Pastor M.V. Chacko, Pastor K. M. John and Pastor George Oommen who taught the Word of God for numerous years, even decades. And now Pastor T.C. Easow – who taught and equipped men and women for church planting and evangelism these past 45 years. His classroom teaching was supplemented during weekends as he took students for practical training – as a local church pastor and later as a district pastor.
He modeled integrity, humility, simplicity and tremendous passion for the lost. He never demanded opportunities, nor did he display annoyance when opportunities were not granted.
Do we hear Pastor T.C. Easow echo Paul’s word to Timothy, “What you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well”. (2 Tim. 2:2)??