The Name is our Strength
Dear Editor,
For anyone wanting to study the Bible in depth and know God more – the recent issue of revive is a ‘must read’. Dr. Jose K.G imparted true light on the name of God as “I AM”. He states that the name of Yehovah is one of the most important revelations in OT. The name reveals that human beings have a God who is in control of the past, present and future. The name Yehovah shows no tense, no time, no beginning and no end. No space limitation to Yehovah in Egypt or Canaan or wilderness, unlike the pagan deities restricted to a people and their land. He is without limit and we use His name for all our needs. Other names of God are connected to the attributes of God, while the very name Yehovah is God . That name is our strength.
Joy Mammen, Mumbai

God is the Sovereign Ruler
Dear revive,
The article by Rev. Thomas Cherian on the name of God as ‘El Elyon’ reveals a very important aspect of God’s power. We don’t always understand the actions of God – particularly as human beings when we are unable to explain certain accidents, natural calamities and losses in life. The title ‘El Elyon’ identifies God as the Sovereign Ruler of the universe. He is in complete control of everything that happens. In the book of Daniel, the title El Elyon is used to indicate God’s sovereignty over kingdoms. King Nebuchadnezzar’s encounter with El Elyon brought him to his senses and the realization of his own nothingness.In the Book of Isaiah, out of Satan’s mouth comes one of the greatest testimonies of the sovereignty of God ever uttered when he called God ‘the Most High’. This article taught me that we can understand anything that happens in our lives once we realise God as the Sovereign One.
JobbyVadakkan, Thiruvananthapuram

Assurance of His EverlastingPresence
Dear Editor,
The article by Evang. Ajeesh George in the last issue of revive is a very comforting and encouraging one to all those who believe and follow the living God. The ever presence of God gives peace and rest for a Christian when he goes through life’s struggles and hardships. If one can enjoy the presence of God in all circumstances in life it is a very blessed state. The name Of God as El-Olam reveals the everlasting nature of God. The unique significance of this name of God is that it reveals the nature of His work in relation with His creation. This name gives assurance in the protection, provision and presence of God Almighty. Most of humanity lives in fear in this world. But the people of God need not to be fearful. Experiencing the presence of God is life itself and separation from the presence of God is Hell.Let’s enjoy the presence of God for ever in our life on earth and in eternity.
Yohannan George, Raipur

Only One God
Dear revive,
Every article in the latest issue of revive states well that there is only one God. When people hear many names for God, they may think that there are many gods. But your articles state very clearly that there is only one God. The names of God are revealing different aspects and attributes of the living God. All these attributes of God helps one to understand the nature and power and the way God acts for human beings. Through the People of Israel and now through the true Christians God reveals that there is only one living God. The people of God also have to reveal that the true God cannot be represented by idols. Let the born again Christians boldly stand to reveal the only One and True God through their life and worship.
Lal Mathew, New Delhi

Fear of God
Dear revive,
Blessings to revive !
Saju Mathew in his article made it very clear why God’s name is to be feared. The people of Israel feared to use the name of God lightly and they used other names to address God. It is stated by Saju Mathew that the Jewish people took the law literally. However, at a later stage, the Rabbis limited the application of the law only to the use of the name “Yahweh”. Hence, they not only tolerated, but also sanctioned the practice of swearing in common conversation as quite harmless, provided the reference to God was not directly expressed. So, instead of taking the name Yahweh, they used other words like heaven, glory etc. The example he stated about the prodigal son who comes back to his father, saying that he has sinned against the ‘heavens’ is a good example. What the writer conveys is that God’s name must be held in fear and reverence.
Felin John, Abudabi

Need poems
Dear revive,
Being a regular reader of this commendable magazine may I place on record my appreciation for your thematic presentation in every issue. It’s interesting to note the numerous Biblical themes and doctrinal issues that have been dealt with – in depth. The fact that you have been choosing relevant discussions on contemporary social issues is noteworthy.
However, it would be more appreciable if the items like poems, stories and cartoons also be included in revive, giving readers a break from the monotony of lengthy essay type articles.
All kudos to the Editorial team!
Joseph Mathew, Bangalore