Mrs. Nirmala Emmanuel  was married to Bro. S. J. Sam Emmanuel  an engineer and a member of IPC Philadelphia Church

My familiarity with Philadelphia Church began on 02 December 1970, when I was married to Mr. S. J. Sam Emmanuel, an active member of that church. Our marriage was solemnized by Apostles P. T. Chacko and P.L. Paramjyothi.
From the very beginning I was made to feel right at home. I have a special place in my heart for Pastor T. S. Abraham and Sister Mary Abraham and their children who were very loving, full of concern and made me feel as one of their own. I know Pr. Valson who was like a brother and a dear friend to me and my husband. I was amazed at the powerful messages that he shared and the anointing on his life at such a young age. It was a joy not only to go to Philadelphia to worship but also to meet all these dear people.

Late Pastor P.T. Chacko was my spiritual father. My husband grew up there spiritually and as a young man was filled with the Holy Spirit. Under the loving mentorship of Pr P.T. Chacko and Pr. T.S. Abraham, he started translating from numerous languages including Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada to Telugu from the young age of 17. Pastors P.T. Chacko and T.S. Abraham not only encouraged him to translate but also guided him to preach the word of God in cottage prayer meetings and other places.

I remember how my husband along with other believers were led by Pr. Chacko to preach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus in buses, trains, road junctions and anywhere he had an audience. When he was too feeble to travel extensively, I remember the countless times where Pr. Chacko would sit on a lone chair outside the gate of Philadelphia church waiting for anyone who had the time to listen to the gospel of Jesus. I remember the time when immediately after Sunday Service he would take a group of believers with him to stations, bus stops and junctions where he would stand and fearlessly proclaim Jesus to everyone. I have yet to see a person who operated completely under the unction of the Holy spirit, so consumed with the passion to preach the Gospel of Christ. Till the end, Pr. Chacko used all his health and energy that God gave him to evangelize and to reach lost souls for Christ.

We used to especially look forward to the Annual Conventions where great preachers took us through the richness of the Word of God. It was truly like manna from heaven. I remember the times where we would discuss in our family prayer time about the word that was shared at Church.

I also had the wonderful experience of teaching the Sunday School under the supervision of Sis. Vimala Anandam (Vimaunty) and Sis Sumithra Anandam(Summaunty). They had a truly special anointing to teach young and old children the word of God in a unique way. It was there that my children Nancy and Dinakar learned and memorized the word of God.

I count it a blessing that God chose me and my family to be a part of Philadelphia church. The experience, the richness and depth of God’s word that was preached in Philadelphia has been invaluable to me all through my life.