Pastor T. J. Abraham (Monachen) 

Faculty IBC and Seminary & Associate District Pastor IPC Kumbanad District

I came in contact with Pastor T. S. Abraham 45 years ago, when I came to Kumbanad as a Bible college student. Four months after I joined, he gave me the opportunity to stay with his parents and himself in the bungalow, to take care of them, and handle some responsibilities entrusted to me. Since then, till his death, Pastor T. S. Abraham has been a guru, a father and an elder brother to me. This special relationship that was built over many years remained steadfast.

I have travelled along with Pastor T. S. Abraham for various reasons all throughout Kerala, India and abroad. Very recently, we went together to visit the Holy Land, along with his daughter Mercy and her husband. I cannot forget the blessed moments we spent together for 10 days, and the experiences shared together. It is amazing to behold the unique personality traits and godly character, in comparison with many others whom I have known.

God gave Pastor T. S. Abraham the opportunity to give exemplary leadership to IPC for many decades. The important virtue that sets him apart from other church leaders is that he has never attempted to form a panel to contest any the church elections. He believed that if it is God’s will, God will prepare the way for him to get into leadership. He stood firm in this philosophy throughout his time of ministry.

God has enabled him to lay his hands to pray over me to bless, set me apart, and ordain me for the work of the ministry as an evangelist, pastor, and as a district pastor. He developed a deep trust and love for me throughout the years and confided in me many of his personal pains and anxieties. I shared the same sentiments towards him. Probably, there is no other person in the world who shares an intimate relationship with the Abraham family than me.

I had the precious opportunity to be at the bedside of Pastor K. E. Abraham, God’s mighty servant, as he breathed his last. I was one of the few spending time in prayer, near Mrs. K.E. Abraham, as she went to be with the Lord. God enabled my wife Susan and I to be with the well-known and honorable servant of God, Pastor T. S. Abraham, during his last moments. I view these three instances as some of the most precious and poignant experiences that I have received. I feel great loss and grief at the departure of our dear Papa – Pastor T. S. Abraham, but I remain assured in the blessed hope that I will see him on the other shore.